Top Resume Summary Examples

Top Resume Summary Examples


The whole purpose of a good resume summary is to get a recruiter to read on. If you can grab them in the first few seconds then they're much more likely to carry on and read the rest of your resume.

Most resumes are incredibly short, generally coming in at just one page long, meaning brevity is going to be your best friend with the best resume summaries coming in at under 100 words.

Here are a few useful rules to keep in mind:

  • Start off by succinctly describing your core skills and years of experience.
  • Show the recruiter exactly how these skills will help them with a specific example of an achievement.
  • Finish off with some longer term ambitions.
  • Most importantly though - Make sure you tailor it to the job you're applying for by matching skills to job description, even if this means writing a new summary for every application!

We've written 10 examples below of resume summaries across a range of careers and levels to help inspire you to write your own. We've also played around with the formats a little to try and help them stand out, but you can experiment to see what works best for you.

Resume summary examples

Architect - Very experienced

Highly driven architect with 17 years experience at market leading companies. Through 20XX to 20XX my designs won four industry awards bringing prestige and new clients into the business. Long term ambitions for departmental head role with a view to create a core talent team.

Mechanical engineer - Mid level experience

  • Problem solving mechanical engineer with 6 years specialised service in the oil and gas industry.
  • Excellent analytical skills have enabled me to determine the root cause of an issue that was causing infrastructure problems to gas supply, with my solutions brining project completion 4 weeks early.
  • Seeking to apply specialist knowledge to new challenges and expand knowledge further.

Compliance officer - Early career

With a masters degree in governance, risk and compliance and 2 years direct industry experience as a compliance officer, I am an enthusiastic and keen to learn. Proven track record of identifying regulatory gaps and applying recommendations to quickly mitigate them, I hope to expand my skill set at a larger organisation.

Financial advisor - mid level experience

Providing valuable advice to clients for ten years as a freelance financial advisor. With documented evidence of saving my customers £1,000s of pounds over the previous ten years I am eager to advance my career beyond freelancing to impart this knowledge to a larger team of people.

Data entry officer - entry level

Through a two month summer work placement completed at school, my enthusiasm and energy allowed me to develop strong organisational skills. Praised by my employer for a keen attention to detail and completion of all tasks assigned ahead of schedule, I am now looking to develop these skills further in a long term professional environment.

Sales manager - Very experienced

20 year track record of both personally exceeding sales targets and managing top performing sales teams. In 20XX the teams I managed consistently outperformed others by 15%. Now seeking additional opportunities for growth at a larger organisation.

Dental technician - Early career

  • Two years of experience across all areas of dental technician work, proficient in crowns, bridges and dental braces.
  • Evidence of stellar customer service from more than 200 patient reviews.
  • Looking for advancement opportunities that are not available at my current practice.

Statistician - Graduate position

Efficient and motivated statistics graduate with experience in multiple methods of analysis. Specialising in the collation, analysis and presentation of polling data I conducted several polls as part of my degree course which were utilised by both local and national newspapers I was additionally praised by course professors for excellent time management skills. Now ready to apply this knowledge more professionally in a long term career.

Librarian - mid level experience

Serving my local community library for 12 years I helped lead the implementation of a new customer management system that tracked customer withdrawals and provided recommendations and incentives to long term users. Known for exceptional customer service and building relationships with regular library users, I am looking to apply these skills as I move to a new area.

Energy conservation officer - Very experienced

HND qualified energy conservation officer with 25 years experience providing energy savings advice to a large customer base. Excellent relationships built with local businesses and landlords with proven networking ability. Seeking to expand my customer base outside of my current region.

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