Ten Top Personal Statement Examples

Ten Top Personal Statement Examples

Whether you're on the hunt for a brand new job, or think your career could just use a little maintenance, it's always important to keep your personal statement up to date.

So we've written ten examples from across a wide array of industries and career stages to help you craft that perfect statement. Remember though:

  • The statements here are good templates to get started, but always apply yours to the specific job you're applying to, read the job description and tailor it to match those skills.
  • The best personal statements are short and to the point, keep them between 50 and 200 words.

Personal Statement examples

Teacher (Entry level PGCE graduate)

A creative lesson planner with more than 200 hours classroom time teaching primary school students as part of a prestigious PGCE course, graduating with an outstanding final grade.

Dedicated to student improvement and enthusiastic in my lessons, ensuring children enjoy school is as important to me as their academic improvement..

With broad experience across key stage 1 and 2 teaching, I am confidently able to handle the curriculum while applying my own imaginative twist to lessons.

Long term aspirations are to grow in the role with a view to assisting school leadership in further developing the school's key stage programme.

Recruiter (Mid-level experience)

Experienced recruiter with an entrepreneurial mindset, specialising in the financial sector for the previous 5 years. By applying innovative methods to hit targets and a focus on adding genuine value to clients, I have consistently been praised as a top performer in my current role.

Now seeking to apply these skills to industries beyond the financial sector, I have chosen XYZ corporation as you provide opportunities to excel across multiple recruitment fields.

With a proven track record of exceeding monthly targets, I am keen to accelerate my personal development and apply my skills to new challenges.

Internal Auditor (Mid level experienced and ACA qualified)

A professional internal auditor with experience auditing risks and controls in a company with an annual turnover of £25 million worldwide.

Through 6 years of practical experience following the awarding of my ACA qualification, I have developed a strong ability to identify control weaknesses and recommend mitigating actions to specific risks.

Previous recommendations have resulted in savings of £10,000 per year by streamlining the recruitment process and assisted in our organisation being awarded the ISO 27001 certification.

Long term goals are to grow in a larger organisation and to manage my own internal audit team.

Project Manager (Very experienced, manager looking for new challenges)

A highly driven project manager with a 25 year track record of delivering across a variety of disciplines.

A recent project was the building and installation of a new administration platform for a 200,000 strong customer base. Goals I set were clear, useful and attainable with the project delivered both on time and under budget.

Thriving on new challenges and with the skills to adapt to the unexpected, I am seeking to apply my talents to projects of even greater scope. I am drawn to large scale undertakings and will always strive to see a project well executed taking full ownership of all successes or failures.

My long term goals are to continue to lead on more complex projects and to transfer my knowledge and experience to each organisation I partner with.

Trainee Lettings Agent (Entry level role, minimum prior experience)

I bring 2 years of directly transferable customer facing experience from part time and volunteer roles during my time at college and am excited to apply these to a long term career.

Having received high praise from manager and excellent customer feedback, I am now keen to apply these skills to an industry I have long been interested in.

Able to quickly build strong relationships and demonstrate in depth knowledge of the industry through my own independent research, I aim to flourish and to eventually manage my own portfolio of properties.

Cyber security engineer and ethical hacker (Mid level experience)

Working at the cutting edge of cyber security technology as an independent freelancer for the previous 7 years has honed an acute understanding critical risk areas across a variety of organisations.

Able to apply preventative and investigative methods, I have a strong track record of isolating malware and viruses and limiting damage to wider company networks. With both CEH and CISSP qualifications I also demonstrate extensive industry knowledge.

I have implemented robust staff training programmes alongside implementation of strong cyber security controls to create tight security environments.

Graphic designer (Early career)

Known for my sense of creativity during both my 1 year university placement and my previous 2 years experience in my current role, I have applied a unique vision to a number of branding projects.

With designs that now feature prominently on the signage of local businesses to vibrant corporate web pages, I am able to demonstrate a strong portfolio of quality work.

I am now ready to take my design talents to the next level and step into a fast paced and challenging environment.

Marketing manager (Mid level experience)

Target-oriented marketer with 8 years experience leading projects as a manager. Accustomed to working with senior management across a range of industries, I've helped dozens of companies humanise their brands and reconnect with their customers on a personal level, recently heading up a project to completely rebrand a soft drinks company.

Wishing to find a role with even more responsibility and a greater test of my abilities I relish the opportunity to manage a larger team and take on increasingly complex projects.

Administrative Assistant (Entry level, candidate's first job)

As evidenced by both exceptional academic performance and a variety of extra-curricular activities, I am able to bring a wide array of skills to this role.

Through membership of my school football team I have developed an excellent sense of teamwork and dedication to see tasks through to the end. Through my other hobbies such as language learning I've also learned how to think laterally, solve problems and broaden my horizons.

By beginning my career here I hope to establish deep roots to a company where I am able to develop both personally and professionally.

Counsellor (Early career)

A qualification in counselling psychology (QCoP) and 2 years practical experience as an NHS counsellor have given me a spirited sense of empathy and understanding of patient needs.

Having worked primarily with patients suffering from depression, I have honed my skills in this niche area and have kept up to date with leading edge developments in treatment.

Now looking for a role where I can treat a wider range of psychological issues and to apply the latest treatments on a wider scale.

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