Even More Top Resume Summary Examples

Even More Top Resume Summary Examples


When you're on the job hunt you've got a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete. From extensive company research and polishing up your skills, to reconnecting with your network and updating your resume work experience.

One area you might overlook however is the resume personal statement. It's a short summary at the top of your resume and it's your first chance to grab a recruiter's attention. In previous articles we've covered how to write a great personal statement as well as provided ten examples of resume summaries to get you noticed.

However, we understand people are going to be at different stages of their careers and involved in all sorts of different jobs, so that's why we're bringing you ten more examples today to kick start you into writing your own resume summary.

First off though, here's some handy rules to follow when writing your summary:

  • Keep it short. Around 50 to 100 words is ideal
  • Open with who you are, your core role and how many years of experience you have
  • Mention a specific skill or achievement that is relevant to the role you're applying for
  • Finish by talking about your long term aspirations

We've also played around a bit with the format below to help the statements stand out a little more. Experiment with your own and see which you prefer.

Ten more examples

Health and safety inspector - mid career

Dedicated agricultural inspector with six years service ensuring compliance with relevant legislation at food processing facilities. As a result of my inspections, several facilities instituted a number of my recommendations resulting in an enhanced food safety environment. Seeking to now apply this practical field experience to a research and development role.

Budget analyst - experienced

Budget analyst with an excellent head for numbers and 18 years industry experience across 3 different international companies. A specialist in working with department heads in analysing past budget requirements and applying this to projections, I have saved on average £X each year over the previous 3 years.

Mailroom assistant - entry level

Bright and enthusiastic school leaver with skills transferable to the mailroom assistant role including excellent timekeeping and organisational skills developed through school coursework and proven ability to hit deadlines. Ready to apply those skills to a long term career.

Payroll administrator - mid career

  • Payroll administrator and member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) with 11 years industry experience.
  • Lead the implementation of a more efficient and accurate overtime recording system in my previous role.
  • Ambitions to expand responsibilities into larger team management.

Social media manager - mid career

Providing outsourced social media management for 15 companies over the previous seven years. Under my guidance each of those companies under my portfolio has seen social media follower numbers and post engagements increase by 20% year on year for the previous three years. Ready to take an even larger number of small and medium enterprises to the next level through management of larger teams.

Public relations manager - experienced

Tireless public relations manager with a 25 year proven track record shining a light on talented individuals and businesses. Primarily working on corporate images I have helped spearhead the growth of XYZ Ltd. over the course of ten years through a consistent branding campaign allowing them to challenge current market leaders. Seeking to repeat this success with a fresh batch of startup companies.

Restaurant line chef - mid career

  • Line chef with nine years experience across a variety of restaurants.
  • Whilst leading teams across several different areas of food preparation, I have won industry awards for range of imaginative desserts.
  • Aspirations to advance upwards to work in more prestigious restaurants to match my abilities.

Biofuel engineer - graduate position

Recent biofuel engineering graduate with four years practical experience gained through my degree at the university laboratory. Learning from scientists at the forefront of the technology, I assisted in the development of a new refining technique. Now looking to take these problem solving skills to the wider industry.

Computer network administrator - experienced

Efficient and details-oriented network administrator with 24 years experience. Designed, deployed and supported the brand new network of a startup tech firm allowing them to store data securely on site. Passionate in seeing startup companies grow, now seeking additional opportunities for network development in emerging markets.

Web developer - early career

  • Creative and innovative web designer with three years direct experience. Proficient in the use of wordpress as well as from scratch coded websites.
  • With more than 60 satisfied clients my web designs can be seen across a variety of different industries.
  • Now seeking to develop new, feature rich custom made websites for larger clients.

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