Even More Top Personal Statement Examples

Even More Top Personal Statement Examples


With most CVs only getting a cursory few seconds of attention from a recruiter, your personal statement can be a vital few sentences to help grab their attention.

In a previous article we ran through ten examples of CV personal statements to give you some ideas on how to stand out to recruiters when you're writing your own. We covered a range of different professionals at different stages in their careers to cover as wide a range as possible, but understand that there are dozens of different careers out there so today we'll be covering another ten examples to cast that net further in the hopes you can pick up some tips relevant to your industry.

Before we get to it though, it's worth remembering a few golden rules of the CV personal statement:

  • Keep it short - between 50 and 200 words only.
  • Start off with who you are, your role and how experienced you are.
  • Mention some specific examples of your skills and achievements that match the role you're applying for, showing the value you can add.
  • End with some clear aspirations for the future.

These examples can give you a broad idea of what to write but remember to always tailor your personal statement to the job you're applying for.

Ten more personal statement examples

Tax advisor - Mid career

Tax advisor with eight years experience providing specialist tax advice to small and medium enterprises.

Through detailed knowledge of current corporation tax laws I have saved on average £3,500 per client when filing tax returns. Additionally recommend for numerous customer satisfaction awards and known for high customer retention rates.

Now seeking to apply my current knowledge to larger organisations.

Mining engineer - Very experienced

18 year veteran of the mining industry working as an engineer who developed niche skills in the assessment of commercial benefits of new mining sites. Have developed a keen eye for commercial viability as evidenced by strong profitability of new mines built on the basis of my assessment.

Combined with strong ongoing monitoring of performance of sites I have exceptional knowledge of current mining techniques.

Now aiming for a role with more responsibility covering a larger geographic area.

GP - Mid career

General practitioner with 11 years experience at my current practice. My diagnosis and referral rates were the most accurate at the practice during 20XX to 20XX leading to more efficient patient treatment and higher satisfaction.

In leading the efforts for the practice to attain a local excellence award I developed strong leadership and organisational skills and saw the benefits I could bring patients outside of my day to day medical role.

Looking to move to a larger practice and take on additional practice management and administration duties that are limited at my current practice

Events planner - Very experienced

With 23 years as an events planner for corporate events I bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the role. Now a leading planner at my current organisation I regularly plan corporate events that exceed 800 attendees.

Through excellent customer service I have built a strong local network of business contacts which created an influx of new business by referrals that now outstrips all other new business won.

Seeking to apply my current corporate events planning knowledge to a wider array of events types, in particular in the charity events sector.

Physiotherapist - Graduate entry level

Newly qualified physiotherapist and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) I have high grades and bring 300 hours of practical work experience gained as part of my course.

During quarterly reviews at my work placement I attained the "Excellent" grade in both the attitude and practical skills application portions of the assessment. In addition, I created follow up plans for all patients and was able to document strong improvements to patient mobility.

Now ready to start a career in an organisation with long term opportunities.

Travel agent - early career

Commercially astute travel agent with three years direct customer facing experience both in store and via the contact centre. Frequently exceeding monthly sales targets by at least 20% I have developed a talent for identifying customer needs quickly and matching holiday packages to those exact needs.

With strong interpersonal communication skills I build a natural rapport with customers and have retained a number of repeat customers in my short time in role.

With aspirations to advance to a team manager role in the future I'm now seeking opportunities at a larger organisation.

Journalist - early career

In building a diverse portfolio as a freelance journalist over the past four years I have honed a keen investigatie sense. Having been published in both local and national newspapers as well as online only publications on a weekly basis, I have developed a neutral tone that eliminates any sense of bias in reporting.

Winner of a local journalism award for detailed reporting on local issues I have a proven record of thorough investigation and fact checking.

Now seeking stability and more directed growth opportunities that are not afforded to me as a freelancer.

Sound engineer - Mid career

Technically proficient sound engineer with seven years experience specialising in the mixing of different audio tracks. Working for a production company which was the leading producer of radio advertising in the local area, my sound engineering work can be heard across a number of high profile campaigns.

With aspirations to apply my knowledge to a more national level I am seeking opportunities at a major production house.

Property developer - early career

Property developer with three years proven track record of profitable developments. Primarily focused on the local housing market I have brought average returns for investors of 7% on rental properties and 6% on those sold directly after development.

With a strong knowledge of the local area I have an acute sense for profitable opportunities and consistently identify fruitful areas for development.

With plans to expand into commercial property development I would like to join an organisation that will allow me to apply the skills I have learned to date to this sector of the industry,

Human resources officer - entry level

New college graduate with National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in administration with a focus on human resources administration. Demonstrating a detailed understanding of current HR challenges via my coursework I received top grades and excellent feedback from course leaders.

Through completion of other extracurricular activities such as involvement in peer mentoring of other students, I developed strong interpersonal communication skills and assisted others in problem solving.

Looking to begin a long term career in an organisation with multiple growth opportunities and the chance to apply my skills.

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